Friday, October 27, 2006

Spam Nonsense Poetry

Mail-Daemon Report
by PJ Nulloczo

One minute you're Mister Cool,
the next you're bonkers from the toes up,
seem normal everywhere except in France.


This little gem by PJ Nulloczo made its way to my Inbox by way of Heaven. It grabs the reader with a direct address, as if picking up halfway through a conversation. The tone is agreeable and confident if a bit irreverent. While some would chastise Mr. Nulloczo for ripping off these two copyright-infringing Russian websites for the bulk of his poem, I think the juxtaposition of disparate found poetry is inspired.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random Movie Quote Thursday

Hail, hail East Germany
Land of fruit and grape
Land where you'll regret
If you try to escape
No matter if you tunnel under
Or make a running jump at the wall
Forget it, the guards will kill you
If the electrified fence doesn't first

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Presidents' Doodlings Unlock Universe's Secrets

The best of us, pencil in hand, paper within reach, will doodle from time to time. This rule applies across all classes and occupations. Presidents are no exception, including LBJ:
Johnson frequently drew scribbles over the words "The White House" that adorned the top of his stationery.

. . . .

"The Johnson under the strain of Vietnam and the party turning on him was a man full of anger and resentment. And there are times he drew bars over the words 'White House,'" [historian David] Greenberg said.

"It's going too far to say he saw the White House as a prison, but certainly by the end of his presidency he was unhappy there."
When Bob Dylan said "even the President of the United States some times must have to stand naked," he didn't suggest that the President draw himself naked, but that's what Ike did:
On one memo with the heading "Cabinet Paper — Privileged," he covers a third of the page — including text about the executive branch's transportation responsibilities — with a massive pencil sketch of his head, with hair.

Another memo outlining the agenda for "The Legislative Leadership Conference, Monday June 28, 1954" is scribbled over with a gunboat and a rendering of himself with huge muscles, a bare chest, thick hair, and a much younger face.
And perhaps the most bizarre are JFK's strange, seemingly precient obessive schoolgirl scribblings:
In another Kennedy doodle with seeming modern-day relevance, he wrote "9/11" repeatedly and the word "conspiracy" next to it.
Link (via Fark). I'll leave that last one out of context for dramatic effect.

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Image Credits: WWI Propaganda Poster, Norman Lindsay, courtesy Bibliodyssey, borrowed for news-reporting and comment purposes.

Meanwhile in Montrose . . .

If the terrorists carry out plans to nuke high-value targets in Montrose, the county will be ready.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Check Out Her Breasts

I have to admit it. The Canadians have one-upped us Americans when it comes to Breast Cancer Awareness Month (even if they apparently prefer to be aware in May rather than October). Say what you will, but she gets her message across.

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Head On


Apply directly to the forehead.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Flags as Infographics

Icaro Doria, Luis Silva Dias, Andrea Vallenti, and João Roque are a team of Brazilian and Portuguese artist-reporters are employed by the magazine Grande Reportagem. They designed a series of graphs that use nations' own flags to depict political "facts" about them. Link (via Neatorama).

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